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Bayreuth Summer University for Intercultural German Studies

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Impact of Covid-19

We are currently planning with an in-person Summer University on campus in Bayreuth. Hence, classes as well as cultural programs will take place on site.

As the well being and the safety of our participants is crucial we will execute the Summer University according to the following specifications to minimize the risk of infections:

Keeping the current worldwide situation in mind we require our participants to either have proof of vaccination with a vaccine authorized in the European Union no older than 5 month before the start of the Summer University, or proof of recovery within the past five months before the start of the Summer University 2022. In addition, there might be further requirements such as keeping a distance while being in class or wearing a face mask to keep all participants safe. To stay up to date with the current regulations at the University of Bayreuth please follow the information here

Currently, the number of participants in the classes is restricted to 10 persons (including the teacher).

The requirements for classes and the additional program are:

  • small groups
  • activities are either outdoors or in well ventilated rooms
  • compliance with the required hygiene regulations: keeping distance, wearing masks, using disinfectants e.g.

Possible restrictions:

The Summer University can be cancelled or offered online on short notice in case of unexpected events.

It is also possible that some individual items of the program will be cancelled or changed.

While we use reasonable efforts to keep the classes homogenous it is still possible that classes will be put together from different but still similar language levels.

Participant tested positive for Covid-19 are instructed to quarantine themselves and is not allowed to visit classes until tested negative. Qurantine regulations may also be extended to contact persons. In such case the class will be continued online.

Our team will provide assitance concerning entry regulations, registration or testing procedures and also quarantine regulations the best possible way.

Please keep in mind that these rules are subject to change depending on the given regulations by the state and university at the time of our Summer University. We will keep all participants updated! 

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