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Film Programme

The film programme has been an integral part of the summer university for several years. It complements the language and regional studies courses and is especially recommended for participants of the specialised course "Film and Media Culture in Germany."

The programme takes 5 directions: ​

  • In general, it serves as a vehicle for improving and practising listening comprehension of the German language.
  • Furthermore, students gain insight into the current film scene, because a part of the programme represents a selection of relevant and topical films from recent years. In particular, works from young directors and German film festivals are represented.
  • We also present the film or series of films within the scope of German film history and links with other art genres are identified. This applies to both the discussions and the introductions. By integrating film classics into the programme, the development of the medium, its social relevance and its ability to reflect society are illustrated.
  • The medium film however is also a bridge to cultural issues. It should assist in sensitising a person's understanding of the material shown. Cultural issues considered may include the relationship between one's own and foreign cultures, work, borders, tolerance, accommodation, health, religion, and the significance of politeness and its worldwide application. The thematic film block deals with these and other cultural themes. Thus seemingly "German themes" always refer back to the living world of the observer.

  • Finally the medium film offers important access to a detailed encounter with German culture as a whole, i.e. through dealing with "seeing" and the perception of various perspectives through the camera on the one hand and through the observers' eye on the other.

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