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Bayreuth Summer University for Intercultural German Studies

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Weekend Excursions

Every Saturday, we offer a day trip. The destinations are Bamberg, Nuremberg and Regensburg.
One's eyes are opened in the presence of local knowledge - therefore you are accompanied by our team and experienced tour guides, who show and explain the sights. The trips can be booked during registration and must be paid for individually (between 20 and 30 Euro).


Bamberg's old town - with a history spanning more than 1000 years - is the largest preserved historic city center in Germany and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993. Due to its many churches and canals, Bamberg is also called the "Franconian Rome" or "Little Venice." The Bamberg Cathedral is one of Germany's Imperial Cathedrals and shelters the only tomb of a Pope north of the Alps. Furthermore, Bamberg is very famous for his brewing traditions.

Nuremberg (Nürnberg) 

Nuremberg was an early centre of humanism, science, printing, and mechanical invention and is today the second-largest city in Bavaria. Between 1945 and 1946, the Nuremberg trials - the international tribunal prosecuting German officials involved in war crimes and crimes against humanity – took place here. With the help of a professional guide, we discover the city’s monuments, magnificent buildings and well-known sights, such as the “Kaiserburg” (Imperial Castle). There will be time in the afternoon to sample the large selection of museums covering everything from modern art through to the history and culture of the city, or to visit the Nazi party rally grounds (Reichsparteitagsgelände). On this area (encompassing more than 11km²) the rallies of the National Socialist Party took place between 1923 and 1938. The rallies served as huge propaganda performances for Hitler and his regime, in which over a half million people participated. Today there is a Documentation Centre informing us about the time of National Socialism. 


Regensburg is the 4th largest city of the Free State of Bavaria after Munich, Nuremberg and Augsburg. The Regensburg Old Town with ‚Stadtamthof‘ belongs with its historic ensembles and monuments to the UNESCO World Heritage. The city offers a lot of attractions, which should not be missed. Whether the Cathedral of St. Peter as one of the most important works of Gothic in Bavaria, the Golden Tower as the oldest and highest patrician tower in the UNESCO World Heritage, or the historic ‚Reichstag‘ in the Old Town Hall, Regensburg is always worth a visit.

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