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Bayreuth Summer University for Intercultural German Studies

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You book on your own

You can book an accommodation for your stay in Bayreuth on your own. See for example: 

Important: Please note, that due to the Richard Wagner Festival, accommodation in Bayreuth is not easy to find in August. It is very important, to book the accommodation well in advance. It is not possible to book rooms with the summer university after the registration deadline.

Single rooms organised by the summer university

If you wish us to do so, we will gladly organise a single room in a student dormitory, in a private shared flat (WG), or with a host family for you. You can indicate your preference in your registration for the summer university. Please note, that we cannot guarantee that all wishes can be met.

On the day of your arrival, we will take you from the course office to your accommodation and give you your room key. There is a deposit of 100 € for the room. Upon returning the key and leaving your room in its good condition, you will get the deposit back at the end of your stay

By booking a room with the summer university, you are accepting the following terms:

1. Accommodation is only available during the period of the booked course (from arrival day at 9 am till the day of departure at 3 pm).

2. The rooms are located in different buildings and city districts. The university campus and the city centre can be reached by bus within 15 to 30 minutes.

3. The rooms may differ in age, size, and furnishing. It is not possible to change the room.

4. Only you are allowed to stay in your room.

5. Please let us know, if you wish to be accommodated near a friend. We try to accommodate all preferences when we allocate the rooms in the student dormitories or in a private shared flat. However we cannot guarantee that all wishes can be met.

6. Many of the flats are inhabited by both female and male flatmates, who are also sharing the same bathroom. Please inform us already with your registration, if you are not OK with that, so we can try to find another solution for you. Please note, that there is no guarantee that all special wishes of this kind can be met.

7. There is no cleaning service. You will be responsible for the cleanness of your room. Together with your flatmates you will have to keep the common areas (kitchen and bathroom) clean. Upon your departure, you are expected to leave your room, the kitchen and the bathroom clean.

8. Personal belongings from the student who usually lives there may be in your room. Please handle them with care.

9. There are no spare keys for the rooms. In case that you lose your key you will be charged with the costs (usually about EUR 300) for new keys and door locks.

10. Out of respect for the neighbors, nighttime peace has to be kept from 10 pm.

Student Dormitories

There are student dormitories adjacent to the campus and in the city. All have common rooms, kitchens, and televisions available. Please click here for more information about Bayreuth's student dormitories.

The dormitories contain shared flats and single flats. In the shared flats the kitchen and bathroom are shared with your flatmates. The single flats have a combined living and bed room with a kitchenette, your own bathroom and shower.

Most student dormitory rooms are not equipped with kitchen utensils and bedding. You can borrow those from us at a deposit.

Costs (single room): on request

Private Shared Flats (WG)

In Germany students often rent flats together, mostly in the centre of the city. There are often free rooms in such flats during the summer, which are then rented out to our participants. You share a kitchen and bathroom with German students. Kitchen utensils and bedding are available in most flats. If not, you can borrow those from us at a deposit.

Costs (single room): on request

Host Families

Living with a host family will give you the opportunity to experience German culture first-hand. You share a flat or house with a German family and will be involved in their every day life. Kitchen utensils and bedding will be available to you.

Costs (single room): on request


Affordable lunches are offered in the dining hall from Monday to Friday. Each day features different menus to choose from. You can find the current week's menu here. Additionally, the cafeteria offers hot and cold snacks as well as drinks at affordable prices from 8 am to 8 pm. The "Frischraum" offers a lunch menu as well as dinner (and a lunch menu on Saturday). Click here for the current week's menu.

Over the weekend, summer university participants provide their own meals. There are supermarkets near the dormitories and the city centre where you can purchase affordable groceries.     

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