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Bayreuth Summer University for Intercultural German Studies

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​The City of Bayreuth

Bayreuth is situated in Northern Bavaria, in vicinity of the scenic Fränkische Schweiz ("Frankonian Switzerland") and the Fichtelgebirge. About 73.000 inhabitants and 13.400 students live in the city.

Bayreuth is not very big, getting around is easy. Everything is easy to access by foot, on bike or by bus.

Bayreuth is world-famous for Richard Wagner. The works of this great composer are performed at the Bayreuth Festspielhaus every summer. The city then changes into an international hub for culture and music.

A great number of 18th century attractions testify to the historical role of Bayreuth as a residence of the margrave: alongside castles and parks there is the most beautiful and well-preserved baroque opera house in Europe. Additionally, there are a lot of interesting museums to visit, e.g. the dwelling house of Richard Wagner, the Richard Wagner Museum, the Jean Paul Museum, the Franz Liszt Museum and a Freemasonry Museum, whose collection is considered to be one of the most substantial worldwide.

One should not forget the 40 or so student pubs and many beer gardens in summer, welcoming you to try the Frankonian types of beer and regional culinary specialities.

The surroundings of Bayreuth are also attractive: the hiking trails of the Fränkische Schweiz and the Fichtelgebirge offer impressive encounters with nature.

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